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It is strongly advised to obtain a professional Tarot Reading from Samantha Hamilton for a more accurate interpretation.

Tarot Readings are available for all life's circumstances.

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Sam's Love Oracle Spread

Love is on the Cards

Most of us want to find out what the future holds especially relating to love. Tarot is one of the ways of predicting our affairs of the heart.

Samantha Hamilton's Love Oracle Spread can give you insight into the future and advice on personal, emotional and spiritual issues.

After reading the Tarot for twenty one years Samantha has found that by doing the divination of the twenty two Major Arcana cards these are the most popular questions in ones thoughts.

To receive a clear insight on you love life, sit in a quiet space, clear your mind. Take a few deep breaths and concentrate on the numbers 0-21.

You can either select a number from 0-21 then choose a question from those listed (or indeed your own) and let the secret knowledge of the Tarot guide you.

  • Can I find true love?
  • Is this the right relationship for me?
  • Will I marry?
  • Have I met my soul mate?
  • Will I meet my soul mate?
  • Can I trust this person?
  • Should we live together?
  • What can I expect of this relationship?
  • How can I improve this relationship?
  • Am I compatible with this person?
  • Which card represents my lover?
  • Will I feel secure in this relationship?
  • Will this person bring me happiness?
  • What can I do to find love?
  • When will I meet someone who is right for me?
  • What can I do to attract a positive relationship?
  • What can expect if I stay in this relationship?
  • Am I being true to myself dating this person?
  • How can I improve my sex life?
  • Why is my sex life failing to satisfy me?
  • Why is there distance between us?
  • How can we become closer in our relationship?
  • Should I go ahead with this relationship?

0 : The Fool

Tarot Card The FoolThe Journey

The Fool card represents mystery, excitement, and adventure. The energy forces at work are connected to the energies of Uranus, freedom and originality.

If you are still searching for love and you have drawn this card expect to meet someone very different from you, of a different background or culture, falling in love and open to take a risk with your heart. For those in an established relationship, an uninhibited attitude towards sexual matters will reconnect you to your partnership in a more fulfilling way.


1 : The Magician

Tarot Card The MagicianThe Performer

The Magician card represents confidence, imagination, creativity. The energy forces at work are connected to the planet Mercury, and are communication, productivity and mental energy.

Vitality is the key and love is so close with someone you already know. This person is younger than you and shares your interest in business matters. They have the qualities of an Air sign. For those in an established relationship, you may want to take a chance in finding love outside their existing partnership. This brings danger to the existing relationship.


2 : The High Priestess

Tarot Card The High PriestessThe Vale of Secrets

The High Priestess card represents hidden secrets, and the Goddess of Love. The energy forces are at work are connected with the Moon, psychic abilities, and intuition.

When she appears you must follow your hunches with someone you have yet to meet in a place of learning. There will be an air of mystery around them. For those in an established relationship, holding back on your partner will only cause distrust. A wise women can help you resolve any resentment.


3 : The Empress

Tarot Card The EmpressThe Mother

The Empress card represents abundance, fulfillment, fertility. The energy forces at work are connected to the planet Venus, beauty, sensuality, love.

This is a favourable time and your charisma will draw in the lover who will sweep you off your feet. They have an erotic imagination and also skillful in the kitchen. For those in an established relationship, this is a highly creative and fertile time for those wanting a child. Be careful of being possessive and smothering the one you love.


4 : The Emperor

Tarot Card The EmperorThe Father

The Emperor represents leadership, logic and control. The energy forces at work are connected to the zodiac sign of Aries, stamina and will power.

You identify with your own ego, "love me, love the world" is your truth now. Someone in your work environment and likes to workout, but appears aloof, will be your perfect love match.

For those in an established relationship beware of wanting to dominate as this will put a strain on your relationship causing distance between you.


5 : The Hierophant

Tarot Card The HierophantThe Saint

The Hierophant represents high values, commitment and counselling. The energy forces at work are connected to zodiac sign Taurus, patience, consistency, organization.

In selecting this card emotional change for the better and contentment is taking place. You are going to be romantically associated to a person who is philosophical, a leader of a group and who has your best interest at heart. You will have much in common. For those in an established relationship, traditional values will be of importance as you are both coming into a time of spiritual growth.


6 : The Lovers

Tarot Card The LoversUnion

The Lovers represents indecision, choice, and attraction. The energy forces at work are connected to the zodiac sign Gemini, articulation, adventurousness and charm.

When the Lovers appear as a part of your destiny it predicts that you are making an important choice. Marriage, engagement or even an eternal triangle are for those still looking for love, a blind date is also forecast with someone who knows your innermost thoughts. For those who are already involved, the Lovers denotes a time of fulfillment and a stirring of emotions, promising a blissful union.


7 : The Chariot

Tarot Card The ChariotThe Soul Mate

The Soul Mate represents challenge, direction and victory. The energies at work are connected to the zodiac sign of Cancer, sympathy, sensitivity and protection.

Letting go of your past will create room for destiny to introduce a lover who travels for a living. The colour blue is important to them. For those in an established relationship, the wall of pain that you have built around you can be demolished as the forces at work encourage challenges which can be overcome making space for warmth and tenderness.


8 : Strength

Tarot Card StrengthThe Healer

The Strength card represents valour, respect, positivity. The energies at work are connected to the zodiac sign Leo, glamour, self assurance and drama.

The message in this card is that you must succeed to fully love yourself before you can love another. It indicates a time of self nourishment and healing. For the unattached, someone who likes music and movement can be the partner for you. For the attached, by acknowledging your own faults and facing the truth long lasting passion can be aroused again.


9 : Hermit

Tarot Card The HermitSolitude

The Hermit card represents introspection, mission and vision. The energies at work are connected to the zodiac sign Virgo, pragmatism, analysis, mindfulness.

This is the time to declutter your thoughts on a particular relationship that has ended and has caused you to withdraw as someone who is well educated and has an interest in alternative therapies can be the love link you have been yearning for. For the attached, massage and aromatherapy can help bring you together in mind and body.


10 : Wheel of Fortune

Tarot Card The Wheel of FortuneFate

The Wheel of Fortune card represents new phases, progress and movement. The energies at work are connected to the planet Jupiter, growth, karma, expansion.

When the Wheel of Fortune appears in your reading be ready for a roller coaster ride of love. For the unattached, some one who has a fondness for gold and likes the eastern way of life can be your long term partner. For the already involved, expect change and excitement when you take the opportunity to express yourself with more sensuality.


11 : Justice

Tarot Card JusticeThe Contract

The Justice card represents truth, equality and balance. The energies at work are connected to the zodiac sign Libra, harmony, peace, fair play.

You are seeing true beauty in those close to you, especially someone who has re-entered your life and would like to join forces with you. This a favourable time for engagements or marriage. For the unattached, your love link is with someone in the field of law. For those in an established relationship, doing everything in moderation can strengthen what appears to be weak.


12 : The Hangman

Tarot Card The HangmanThe Crossroads

The Hangman represents enlightenment, acceptance and sacrifice. The energies at work are connected the planet Neptune, ambiguity, complicity, uncertainty.

The message is a feeling of stagnation, and frustration. Tap into your dreams, awaken your spiritual beliefs, create a loving environment which will bring perfect timing for meeting a person who has an interest in mysticism and love. For the established relationships, this is a potent and romantic time, fantasy and fiction can play a major part in strengthening your love.


13 : Death

Tarot Card DeathSelf Transformation

The Death Card represents immortality, escape, rebirth. The energies at work are connected to zodiac sign Scorpio, sexuality, intensity drive.

After much sorrow love can now heal the pain. You may have felt that life has taught you to accept the change that endings can bring. Ask yourself "are you now ready for an involvement with someone who can turn your world upside down?". They may appear secretive and seductive. For those attached, a readjustment will have to be made if you wish relationship to evolve.


14 : Temperance

Tarot Card TemperanceThe Guardian

The Temperance card represents healing, spiritual love, moderation. The energies at work are connected to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, spontaneity, knowledge curiosity.

Temperance is urging you to be honourable as timing now of what you do now will effect a special relationship. Someone you first meet in a place of healing and is involved with medicine will become very important to you on a personal level therefore take your time discovering their qualities as this friendship has deeper potential. For the already involved, soft music can be healing for you both.


15 : The Devil

Tarot Card The DevilThe Bond

The Devil card represents power, limitations, structure. The energies at work are connected to the zodiac sign of Capricorn, ambition, dignity, stamina.

In selecting this card it predicts you have strong desires for power and others will see your sensuality, especially those of the opposite sex. Someone who is in high authority will make their feelings about you felt. This can also predict a quick marriage for those looking for commitment. For the involved, take advantage of the love being offered to you as this is a passionate time.


16 : The Tower

Tarot Card The TowerThe Earthquake

The Tower card represents insecurity, destruction, release. The energies at work are connected to the planet Mars, inquisitiveness, unpredictability, eccentricity.

There will be a dramatic change in your lifestyle, with long lasting effects on personal relationships and those close to you. For the unattached, expect to meet a lover who has an unusual name and whose career involves steel or fire. There is nothing ordinary about this romance for it will shake you from your comfort zone. For the attached, new information will change how you feel about your current relationship.


17 : The Star

Tarot Card The StarThe Dreammaker

The Star card represents pure unconditional love, healing energies, the renewal of confidence and of wishes being fulfilled.

The energy forces at work are linked to the zodiac sign of Aquarius and are as follows:- Independence, Idealism, Open to Universal Love. Adapt these attitudes and you can receive the love that is missing.

If you are searching for the ideal partner, someone who has these attributes and has a link with water and America, who also speaks with a sexy voice, shall hold out the promise of a deep and fulfilling relationship. For those in an established relationship, stimulating conversation can restore the passion.


18 : Moon

Tarot Card The MoonThe Psychic

The Moon card represents illusion, psychic ability, fantasy. The energy forces at work are linked to the zodiac sign of Pisces, sensitivity, caring, protection.

When you select the moon the message is to listen to your intuition, meditate on your dreams for clear insight into your emotional needs. You have yet to meet a creative individual who will be your perfect love match. This will happen through an invitation. For the attached, you may find that outside influences are causing you to question your relationship. Poetic verse will create more romance.


19 : The Sun

Tarot Card The SunInnocence

The Sun card represents zest, joy happiness. The energy forces at work are linked to the planet the Sun, optimism, confidence and warmth.

This is one of the most positive cards in this tarot. Love flows easily into your life. For the single you will meet someone who lives in a city and whose roots are connected to Australia or the Caribbean . Self belief can create the love bond you wish for. For the involved, a second honeymoon and a birth in the family is on the cards.


20 : Judgement

Tarot Card JudgementRebirth

The Judgement card represents wisdom, maturity and breakthrough. The energy forces at work are linked to the planet Pluto, adjustment, progress, transition.

This card indicates that you are releasing past hurts on a particular relationship by applying the word forgiveness. You will meet a person who may becoming out of a long commitment and could be older than yourself. For the established, your own instincts are aiding you to heal old wounds between you and your partner.


21 : The World

Tarot Card The WorldThe Gift

The World card represents the ending of a cycle, new beginnings, success. The energy forces at work are linked to the planet Saturn, practicality, prudence, foundation.

In selecting the World card as part of your destiny the single are sure to meet someone who is positively outgoing and easy to be with, you could meet them on your travels. The other person will be more than willing to take it to the next level. For the involved, your life is this card is telling you to follow your dreams as fulfillment is assured now. This can also be the endings and beginnings of a new relationship.

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