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8. Space Clearing with Angels

When you are preparing yourself to do a space clearing, it is best to ask at all times for guidance from the angels, in most cultures there are traditions for invoking help from the unseen. We have the power to generate and make the difference in changing and experiencing miracles which can result from a space clearing. When you ask for help and connect with your guardian angel which is listed below and will help you to heal in your spiritual, emotional and material world to accomplish things that you never thought could even be possible it is important for you to remember they are always there in the time of need, and will offer guidance and assistance whenever we are open to receiving.

The way that I find this most helpful and I would like to share this with you today, is first of all to write a prayer to my god and guides and ask my angles to stand by me as I light a blue candle for healing and a red and green candle for abundance and pink for love, peace and harmony.

You can also help yourself by playing soft spiritual music, cleanse your candles with essential oils, for example jasmine, rose oil, and affirmation of what it is you would like to invite in to your life.

The Archangels of the Zodiac

You can read more about angels here.

Archangel for the sign of ARIES : 21 March- 20 April
Archangel for the sign of TAURUS : 21 April - 20 May
Archangel for the sign of GEMINI : 21 May - 20 June
Archangel for the sign of CANCER : 21 June - 20 July
Archangel for the sign of LEO : 22 July - 21 Aug
Archangel for the sign of VIRGO : 22 Aug - 21 Sept
Archangel for the sign of LIBRA : 22 Sept - 22 Oct
Archangel for the sign of SCORPIO : 23 Oct - 21 Nov
Archangel for the sign of SAGITTARIUS : 22 Nov - 20 Dec
Archangel for the sign of CAPRICORN : 21 Dec - 19 Jan
Archangel for the sign of AQUARIUS : 20 Jan - 18 Feb
Archangel for the sign of PISCES : 19 Feb - 20 March

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