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5. How to Use a Pendulum

Hold the pendulum in your dominant hand making sure that your hand is still and that you have control. Hold the cord or string between your forefinger and thumb enabling you to form a circle and making sure your other fingers are spread out and that they are facing down. The arm should be firmly braced and relaxed. The pendulum can be used for many subjects such as to find a lost object, this can be also used outdoors to locate an area on a map for 'yes' or 'no' answers to a problem, for example 'Will this be a good time for me to travel?'. We can also use this tool to balance areas in the body such as the seven main chakra points.

Choosing a pendulum

It is always wise to have your pendulum made from natural materials such as crystal or wood an average size pendulum would be about 2-5 cm in diameter and 2-5 cm long. Pendulums can be made in other materials, size and shape. You can make your own pendulum by using a key tied to a piece of thin string, a crystal on a chain, a wedding ring and thread tied to it. Do make sure the pendulum can swing easily, the thread or cord or string if you choose to use this can be of any length, a good length being between 12-15cm.

A pendulum can be used for 'Yes' and 'No' answers e.g. 'What will be the sex of my baby?'. Traditionally a woman who wishes to know the sex of her unborn child in the olden days would use her wedding ring to discover the sex. This would work with the pendulum swinging forwards and backwards for a boy and around in a circle for a girl. Sometimes the pendulum Yes/No answer can be different for each individual for example: to access a 'yes' you could ask the question 'Is my birthday the 29th June?' and if your birthday is not then you will know which way the pendulum swings for your information.

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