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12. Numerology

Numerology refers to any of several systems, traditions or beliefs in a mystical or esoteric relationship between numbers and the character or action of physical objects and living things.

The day you were born on is extremely important in your life.

You are a born leader regarded as someone certain to succeed, also independent preferring to be on your own. You like other people to take notice of you. With an intellectual manner and logical thinking this makes you a good organizer.

You have a natural ability to deal tactfully with others and prefer to work within a group. Interests include anything involving music, as you enjoy the good things in life. You are at your best in the right situation, providing you don't let any inadequacy get you down. Don't undervalue yourself, artistic or business lines are your best assets.

You like to express your own individuality. A good social life and friends are very important to you. With your vision employment should include writing in journalism or teaching.

You have great determination and can be quite stubborn. Once you have come to a decision you rarely change your mind. As you always tell the truth this can become a problem in your friendships. The business world suited for you.

As you are very competent, but don't like being confined to one area. You hate mundane tasks. You are very active enjoying every minute of life and would like to travel. A career involving the general public would suit you best.

You are at your best in the home surrounded by people who will give you love and encouragement. You have a good voice which is a positive asset if you are interested in music or drama. Concentrate on a career in Health and Beauty or Music.

You aim for perfection; this can be a negative quality when making friends. You are interested in supernatural forces also very psychic and should follow your instincts. You are not very accustomed to home life and find relationships difficult.

To be born on the 8th gives you a good start in the business world. To succeed you need to get organized and perform at your best. This number is positive financially.

You have both intellect and creative capacity. There is a good chance that you will travel. The wider your viewpoint the happier you will be. Beware of giving away to much as you are a very impressionable person.

You are independent and a born leader, others will come to you for support. You prefer to express yourself individually, and have artistic abilities. You have the determination to get where you want in life.

You have high ideals and aspirations. As you are very sensitive and psychic you should follow your instincts. Emotional control is important to maintain your health and happiness.

You have a warm, friendly personality. A practical mind and artistic or literary talent. You can be a great entertainer and would do well in a career in sales. You shouldn't let problems in your relationships take over your life.

Sometimes you find it hard to express yourself making it hard for people to understand you. You have the ability to organize others and a strong drive for success. Work as a carpenter or creating sculptures would suit you.

You are Competent in many areas with a logical and imaginative mind. To manage your career successfully you will need to gain some stability. The force of your birthday is very powerful.

You are co-operative, giving and sympathetic, always willing to help and bear responsibility if called upon. It's not good for you to be in an environment where others have more power or status as this will affect your health. You are best suited to a partner who is kind and gentle towards you. Career choice should include professional or artistic fields.

16 is a spiritual number and links you to spiritual truths and philosophies. A business career would be successful. Your talents include literary, artistic or music. As a perfectionist you are easily irritated or annoyed.

Family and loved ones are very important to you. As far as finance is concerned you were born on the right day. Your powers of achievement will mean money is not a problem.

You are independent, efficient and a born leader. As a person with a creative mind you find arguments similar to your nature. You have a great interest in music and tend to be decisive and demanding.

A person who holds extreme views, with unpredictable moods. Use your original ideas and wide variety of skills and you will never want for anything. Take great consideration in who you choose for a partner or this can cause many misunderstandings in marriage.

You are an emotional person who requires the companionship and support of friends. You would benefit from working in a family business. You adapt well in a musical or artistic environment. Sympathy and patient handling will bring you success.

Working in literature or the arts is where you can express your individuality, this will bring you pleasure or good fortune. You have the tendency to waste your energy by trying to be in more than one place at the same time. Love has a big impact on your life as you are a very emotional person.

Work or free time should be spent doing something for the community as this is within your capacity. Your ideas cause you to look at the bigger picture and be brave keeping your eyes on your ideals.

You are independent, self sufficient, proud and responsible. You communicate better with people who are older then you and of the opposite sex. You would do well in business, entertainment or the medical sector.

You are very active individual, always on the move and prepared to take the consequences of your actions. Faults include jealousy and worrying about things having to be done properly. You have the ability to work hard and achieve your goals.

You are the intuitive, inspirational type and hide your thoughts and feelings, making it difficult for others to understand you. You set yourself high standards for and feel disappointed if unsuccessful. Country life suits you better for a successful life style.

Home and children are your main priorities everything else comes later. You can still do well in business as you are good at organizing work.

You have strength, the quality of being determined to achieve something and high ideals making you a natural leader. Working in a partnership wouldn't be suitable. Your psychic sense is strong leading you into a career in philosophy or metaphysics.

You personality indicates you have influence over other people, are independant and ambitious. You would work well on your own but within a group organization. Freedom is important to you.

If you were born on this day you are likely to be involved with the public, and have strong leadership skills. The way you are feeling reflects on how you consider something that is good very good and something bad very bad. Other interests that don't involve your work can help you remain calm. You could be very successful through music or writing.

You have a great imagination which you use to express yourself. Other people know that it is not good idea to argue with you as you refuse to change your plans. You are very popular and have many friends.

You work hard to provide security for your family, and are loyal to friends and colleagues. Family and friends are important if you are to succeed. To avoid disappointment you shouldn't try so hard. You have an interest in health and healing.

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