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7. Meditation - Colour Ray of Lights

Meditating gives you focus on your inner self and collect all those scattered energies. This process, allows you to engage colour as part of healing the body.

1. Find yourself somewhere comfortable to sit -- switch off the phone. Close your eyes and envision yourself in a temple walking out into a garden in beautiful surroundings with a crystal blue stream running by you, envision the angel of healing Raphael allow yourself to feel the presence of the angel healing you with abundance of colour from the rainbow. The sky is a clear blue and bright warm sun is shining down on you with a soft breeze gently swirling.

2. Select a colour you feel drawn to for your self healing. To help decide, visualise a rainbow of colour all around you and feel the seven colours of the spectrum. Choose the colour you're most drawn to as your guide for this meditation.

3. Now see white clouds in the clear blue sky above you. Imagine yourself floating within this. Choose one of these clouds and fill it with your inner healing energies, feel this cloud become you. Start to see this cloud sparkling with light and feel its warm energy.

4. Visualise Archangel Raphael embracing you above the clouds and holding you as you become immersed by the healing energies of your chosen colour.

5. Feel the breeze caressing your skin, moving around you and enveloping you. It becomes a part of you. Like second skin, and cleanses your blood stream. The healing vibration allows you to move completely into a deeply relaxed state of being.

6. Allow, this colour to flow through your body for at least five minutes more, giving you a feeling of wholeness.

7. Allow the pores of your skin to open to the healing, releasing toxins.

8. Now self-healed, stay quietly with your cleared mind, body and soul for a few minutes. Take in three deep breaths, releasing each breath with peace, before opening your eyes.

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