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1. Fear of your Psychic Abilities (and how to combat it)

To feel atmospheres accurately we need to be balanced and calm. The whole of the physical body is so sensitive that it is aware what is in our aura. When we are in a state of fear parts of our body become immobile while other parts try to distance themselves and this makes it impossible to be sensitive to any degree, then the only energy we will pick up on is our own fear.

Tips on this exercise

A calm and patient state is the first priority. A lot of this work is very subtle and an open mind is essential with no strong expectations of certain results.

When asked to imagine or sense you need to picture it in your mind, sensing the feelings in your body. Some people get clear and vivid pictures but most people do not. The most important thing is to have a subtle sense of it happening. This is achieved by keeping the mind open.

If you are asked to imagine or sense an energy running down your spine you can do it with your eyes open or closed. Sense/feel/imagine/visualize this energy moving down through you. If you cannot feel it put it there with your mind, trust that the process is working. You should be able to experience the results even if it feels very light and subtle. A subtle sense or feeling is enough to begin with. The more you of practice the more comfortable you will feel with this process.

Energy flows in the direction of your thoughts and your focus. You can create therefore specific energy movements and atmospheres, for example if you think of a bubble of light around you your psyche moulds the energy into the shape of the bubble.

This is a subtle world so do not expect bright or colourful imagery or powerful experiences. This is why there is often skepticism about its very existence! Relax and enjoy the gentleness that you will feel during these experiences.

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