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2. Developing the Psychic in You

Strengthening your auric protection

  • Go to a place where you can sit and be undisturbed.
  • Choose a colour, either white, deep indigo, gold or silver.
  • Close your eyes and picture that you are creating a bubble of light, of your chosen colour, around yourself, extending out to about 2 feet. Imagine this light is above your head, as well as under your feet.
  • Feel this bubble becoming stronger around you and that feel safe and secure as it moves around you.
  • Now open your eyes and sense this protection is still around you.
  • When you are comfortable and confident with the colour you have chosen try another. Ask yourself which colour do you now feel comfortable with and note down any feelings or sensations.
Note: White and gold are not true colours but are included here for the healing and vibrational energy's they reflect.

The Art of Scrying

Aim to develop your scrying skills

Scrying is a form of divination using your inner images to project onto a physical object and this can be done by gazing into a reflected surface. They say that this ability empowers your psychic knowing. It is a mystery where this began although the Babylonians used to gaze into liquids, usually in a sacred bowl and it is recorded that the Egyptians used to use a pool or springs to empower their intuition. As we look back into the myths and fairy tales, mirror divination appears, such as in the fairy tale of Snow White. Her wicked step mother, if you remember, often gazed into a magical mirror and asked the question 'Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?'

Tools required: A white bowl filled about half full with water. A note pad and pen, a crystal ball or a mirror and a candle.

Meditation is advisable before starting this exercise.

Begin to link into your own inner light and feel yourself connecting to your well being. Imagine that you are surrounded by the light of the sun.

Make sure you are seated somewhere where there is subdued light and a plain ceiling if possible as this may be reflected in the bowl. Play medative music to help you to relax your mind so that you feel a trance like state of awareness, and allow the images to flow.

Look into the water and allow your mind to be open to receiving images that start to appear. Don't be put of if this takes time as you remember to practice, I suggest a period of 10 minutes, take a break and come back to this when you feel ready. With some people, this happens very quickly; with others, it takes a little time.

When you feel that you have obtained as much information as possible bring yourself back in to full consciousness and take a few minutes to balance your energies.

Note the images that occur and interpret them afterwards in the same way that you would for dreams. Anyone can become a successful scryer with practice and patience and eventually you will get to know and understand the images that you are receiving.

Why not do this this exercise with friends, this is a fantastic way to begin the process of predicting your past present and future. Like dreams, these images are symbolic and therefore if you see any pictures of death or accidents do not assume that this means an actual death or physical injury. It is usually a sign of transformation. In the symbolic world, death indicates a change from one state to another. Also, as long as your intention is to help, you will never receive anything that is inappropriate or harmful to another.

This exercise can be adapted and used with other tools such as a crystal ball, mirror or other reflective surface. The procedure should still be the same and practice will show you whether you need any additional props, such as the music already suggested, to aid your relaxation.

The easiest way to begin is to practice the following exercises:

  • It is said that if you look at the reflection of the full moon in a hand mirror which is preferably silver backed you will know how long it will be until you marry. The length of your marriage can be judged on the length of time that passes before a cloud moves across the moon. To see the reflection of your future partner it is advised to look into a mirror at midnight on Halloween while holding a lighted candle.
  • For a more practical way of finding your partner is to use water. Write down the first names of people of the opposite sex each on a separate piece of paper, which are then each rolled into a small ball then all are held above the head. Then let them fall into the bowl of water. The name of your future partner will be on the first piece of paper to float to the surface. Mirror gazing which is called captopromancy is another form of scrying. To achieve this light a white candle in a dark room, look in the mirror and ask your question using your gut feelings in your awareness make sure you have a note pad and pen to write down the answers to your questions. For example what is the next star sign of my future partner, Will my new job be successful, is this a good time for me to make that house move. Go with the first answer that you feel and sometimes see and what you also may see is someone else's reflection in the mirror. This can be your Guardian Angel.

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