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9. The Power of Animals

When you feel totally connected to your inner self and at ease in your daily meditation, choose an animal. Some people feel mystically connected to certain animals. They feel and experience the spirit of the animal; they see them as an ally as it helps them through their difficult times. I would suggest a few of the Native American animals such as an Eagle which will inspire your great spirit and help to connect you to the divine within. A Bear for instance would bring introspection. A Snake represents transmutation or clearing.

You may believe you have such a connection with an animal, if you would like to feel even closer to the animal or even take on the qualities of the animal you could imagine that you are wearing a costume, made from the skin of the animal. The costume would take on the aura of power and protection.

When you sense yourself wearing the skin, you need to be able to feel completely comfortable in it, you will feel grounded, calm and your breathing will become rhythmic and balanced.

You can then call upon this animal to shield you and protect you when you feel at any time stressed or lacking in confidence in your daily life.

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