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Celebrity Predictions

The following celebrity predictions written by Samantha appeared in High Spirit Magazine throughout 2009- 2010

By clicking on each article link you can view the actual article as it appeared in the magazine.

Danni Minogue

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The year 2010 is full of twists and turns for Dannii, she will be facing big challenges in an exciting way. Decision making is not one of her strongest points and her personality does not allow adjustments to anything devastating or to do with arguments.


Amanda Holden

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The energy of last year gave Amanda the gift of communication, putting herself out there and making a determined stance to get her career moving forward.


Angelina Jolie

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The psychic energy that was flowing through last year for Angelina was doing her upmost
to work as a team and to come through as modestly as she could.Certainly she was put to the test on many occasions with the roller coaster rides of fame and family life.


Fearne Cotton

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Her practical nature and her inner wisdom to see everyone’s point of view makes her a political theatrical shiny star. This indeed is one of her most gifted blessings. She is the kind of person that wants to work at her very best and does not need any real supervision to aim for her mark.


Holly Willoughby

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Holly is in a time where she can let go and go with the flow without letting her ambitions hold her back. The serious side of her nature is going to test her patience and her self analytical mind will cause critiscm in how she presents herself to the world.


Janet Jackson

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Janet will feel the need to express her more flamboyant side when sharing her political views on how she perceives the loss of her brother. Her eccentric tendencies will really colour her actions. There is no real balance here as her emotions are going to be tested in more ways than one.


Kate Winslet

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The gifts from last year are certainly going to be blossoming through this year. It’s going to be a time for even more success; we can expect a big move, transformation and change, certainly
more power, more recognition, more appreciation.



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The words metal and steel come to mind here, Madonna’s confidence is going to be tested this year. Her determined manner will be put under scrutiny and her abilities give her a broad
audience to really expand her creativity.


Michelle Obama

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The energy of last year was her ability for determination, planning ahead, upheaval and transformation and achieving the results in a positive material way. With her prudent nature, the stress and strain of standing up for what she believes in has earned her freedom and power.

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