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As well as these mandalas, you can have your own unique mandala designed for you.


The discovery of the mandala shape begins in pre history, when cave painters expressed their artistic inspiration by drawing spiral shapes. In more modern times mandalas where used in paintings and embroidery.

Mandalas are a piece of writing in code, a pattern of creation, representing our inner thoughts and feelings to our conscious mind, reminding us of the world that goes beyond and within our mind and body. The personal mandala interprets the quality of being an individual person. This includes religious, spiritual and psychological symbolism that develops from the intuition.

This symbolism has a meditative nature and can lead the person to transformation. If you look at nature we are surrounded by mandalas in the form of flowers, spiders webs, an apple cut in half, the rings on a tree that has been cut down, the ripples made when a stone is thrown in the water, all of these are constantly repeating patterns, shapes that stay the same, demonstrating beautiful mandala combinations that begin at the centre. Every day we are surrounded by items that look like mandals, for example clocks, umbrellas or a ferris wheel at a fairground, All these object our a symbol of the diverse aspects of our life's. Having knowledge of the mandala has the potential of changing our own life purpose.

Mandala Colours

Red - (Base Chakra) (Fire) symbolizes energy of life, bravery, love and spirituality. Home life, your family and where you live are important to you. The colour red warms and regenerates to make you aware of life's force. As this is an active colour it energizes the impression on our senses and psyche but can also indicate a disposition to behave aggressively. With this colour you may be more concerned with worldly rather than spiritual interests. Also you are security conscious and like to know your finances are safe.

Orange (Sacral chakra) symbolizes sexuality & relationships) A colour full of high-spirited delight, and has rewarding effects for the individual. This colour allows self confidence & indicates instability within spiritual and material matters. Orange is the inner colour of water and encourages our self respect. This colour suggests you are a balanced individual well on the way to enlightenment.

Yellow (Solar plexus) the natural symbol of the sun symbolizing energy, power and emotional feelings. It also provides life's energy. The yellow colour strengthens our nerves and thoughts. Yellow suggests an open and emotional personality. This colour compensates any feelings of tiredness, creating happiness and relaxation.

Green (Heart chakra) Symbolizes the season of growth, it has a calming and harmonizing effect providing balance. Green provides nourishment, vitality and energy. Green has a regenerating effect on the body providing us with new energy. If this is your colour others may often take advantage of you.

Blue (Throat Chakra) symbolizes spirituality, creativity, revelation, speaking and inner listening. Blue has the inclination to promote the growth of withdrawal and stimulates the tendency for psychic freedom from others, and a dedication to you as a unique individual. This colour creates a feeling of calm open spaces, awakening you to your spiritual inspiration.

Indigo (Forehead Chakra) Symbol of universal consciousness. Provides the mind with inner calmness, clear expression, depth, gains strength to heal the senses also opening them to subtle levels of perception. Violet (Crown Chakra) Symbol of devotion and transformation. Indigo and violet colours indicates a connection with the psychic side of your personality, which you may not already be aware of.

Pink relates to love, a tendency to express warm and affectionate feelings, and the need for protection. You have an enthusiastic and interesting personality.

White (crown chakra) Symbolizes non-existence, surpassing perfection, knowledge, and purity. This colour presents the need for privacy and feelings of protective affection. It can also indicate a refusal to believe in yourself. You may also have a natural inclination towards Supernatural practices and techniques. White frequently demonstrates Freedom from difficulty and purity in your life.

Black is the colour of darkness and destruction, Indicates regret, fear, and sad feelings of inadequacy. There may also be absences of consciousness. A colour that can offer protection to something vulnerable.

Grey - Symbolizes neutrality & wisdom. Both psychologically as well as spirituality a grey period or environment relating to transition between one phase of your life and another area of the unknown.

Brown - This is a natural warm colour connecting with nature. A symbol of domestic activities or life. It is the colour of the earth, autumn and wood. Brown can indicate low self respect or blocked energy.

Mandala Symbols

The heavenly circles we call the earth, sun and the moon, conceptual circles of friends, family and community. Each symbol manifests each individual's view of the world.

The top half of a mandala can symbolize the awareness of surroundings and the bottom half the part of the mind where psychic activity takes place of which you may be unaware. This transition can sometimes be indicated by the variations of colours.

The chakras are visualized as wheels or lotuses. Shapes in the form of a circle, square or triangle are the most important. A circle with a dot in the middle is the symbol of the sun.


  • Earth - is a symbol that represents a cross inside a circle or a golden square, or triangle pointing down with small triangle inside the bottom of the triangle. This Represents nature and mother earth.
  • Air - Sky blue or yellow circle with a dot in the centre. Represents mind and activity. Fire Red triangle which represents physical energy it absorbs heat, enlightens and transforms.
  • Water- symbol of a Jade coloured triangle pointing down with moving lines or a moon representing perfection.


Flowers express life force. In mandalas the following flowers represent:

  • Lily - love and purity
  • Lotus - highest mystical enlightenment, symbol of fertility
  • Peach blossom - symbol of immortality and strength
  • Rose - eternal love, rebirth
  • Violet - spring and humility

Other symbols

  • Heart = symbolizes harmony, happiness and love
  • Labyrinth = Maze path of initiation in those in search of truth and connect to their inner being
  • Spiral = symbolizes rebirth and transformation. Spiral clockwise something wants to manifest, clockwise return to one's core unconscious

Mandalas for sale

The following mandalas are available to purchase. Please call for current prices.

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