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What Samantha offers and provides is exclusive to the individual coaching one on one, relationships, family, and business.

If you would like Samantha to provide you with this life-changing opportunity then contact her now.


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Life Coaching (PPT)

life coaching

Samantha Hamilton Holistic Life Coach

Samantha believes we make our destiny by the thoughts and actions we create in the present moment. She was born as a psychic and was able to access accurate premonitions and intuitive feelings in to words at an early age. 40 years on she is now practicing as a Holistic life coach working with the person's Karma and birth print, what this really means she tunes into the gifts and the skills of the individual person helping them to map out their personal journey in their everyday existence by tapping into their subconscious mind and employing self empowerment.

Her gifts have been harnessed because she has been given the opportunity in this life time to help and assist others on their life path journey, she truly believes her gifts are a blessing and a love from her divine creator, so that she can help and heal those who require her assistance, who are seeking and searching for success, well being and happiness. She believes every success is another man's happiness, and every obstacle is an opportunity to change.

What Samantha offers and provides is exclusive to the individual coaching one on one, relationships, family, and business.

For example:

  • Start or grow the existing business you are in
  • Harmonise your workplace and home life
  • Take your relationships to the next level
  • Perform at your best in your work and home life
  • Discover your true passion in life
  • Enhancing your self esteem
  • Releasing past hurts healing within
  • Coping with grief and sadness
  • Making yourself talk positive
  • Dealing with setbacks

Coaching aims to turn your dreams into realities

The idea of Holistic coaching is to provide self-coaching techniques for anyone to use. It is worthwhile to have an experienced guide to show you the way, to change or improve a relationship, or heal and release negative thinking.

Holistic Coaching provides valuable advice, aims and support to assist you with the strategies required to achieve your goals. To enable yourself to stay focused and on the right path this will help you to clarify and be more intuitive towards your aims and goals. You will have to learn how to channel your energies in the right direction. It will assist you in being practical before you can reach new heights.

The best guide to have is someone who has learnt from their past and understands the present and knows the way forward. The meaning of self coaching is learning how to be your own best mentor. This is like having a compass and a map and allowing your inner guidance to drive you in the right direction on your life path's journey. Make sure you have everything you require to assist you on your journey, and leave behind the past and fully be alive in the present.

The way to success is self acceptance. You may often feel that you are heading in the wrong direction, but if you are willing to change and move beyond your present circumstances, and work on detoxing your life, you just have to work out how to achieve your goals. enjoy the detour, and learn to appreciate the abundance that will grow from this experience. To compassionately coach yourself requires patience, attention, enthusiasm, bravery, forgiveness, appreciation, belief and self love. You will be able to let go of feeling that you have to get somewhere. Where you end up will feel safe and secure because the journey was fun and full of life's adventure.

Once you are confident with the process, you can use it many times, whenever you want to create new opportunities and accomplishments.

Are you living the life you dream of...?

  • Imagine everything being possible
  • Take your career to the next level and enjoy the process
  • The power of positive thinking
  • Understanding the emotions within
  • Turning your failures into success
  • Discover your true passion in life
  • Understanding stagnation is the next stage to transformation
  • Learn how to be a true optimist

Taking Action

Self Motivation

  • Appreciating the present moment
  • Are you happy with your present script?
  • Are you doing the things you really want to do?
  • Do you want to take action now?
  • If you were to describe your life what kind of script would you write
  • How would your life story begin and how do you see yourself in this
  • Do you value every moment, every feeling?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are your habits or negative problems that occur in your life at this point?
  • How do these problems have a negative affect on your life?
  • What do you desire instead?
  • What is keeping you from getting there?

Exercise 1 : Identify your present script

  • What is going on for you right now how do you see things?
  • Do you feel trapped?
  • Disappointed, let down?
  • Not good enough?
  • Ready to give up, frustrated?
  • At fault?

Exercise 2 - Discovering your purpose

What do you want to achieve?

Be involved in a nurturing environment created to lift your soul and spirit allow your mind to focus on what you believe is true and positive. Experience the joys in learning new and exciting ways of journaling and the tremendous power and effects it can have in your life.

Sam believes we are all own best adviser. It is so easy to become confused because we are looking for the answers outside ourselves. But if we took the time and allowed the process that is currently going on, we would understand the answers are within.

  • Integrate action into your daily life
  • Imagine your goals already exist
  • Accept the ebbs and flows are a part of learning
  • Just the act of writing is very therapeutic
  • Experience the healing of releasing your emotions and thoughts on paper
  • Instantly relax and get yourself centered

Sam's Life Coaching

Sam is available for personal and business life coaching - contact her now.

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