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Find Out Who You Are Using Astrology

If you are looking for love, astrology suggests that you should be most likely paired with someone who has the same element as yourself.



  • Aries
  • Leo
  • Sagittarius


  • Taurus
  • Virgo
  • Capricorn
arrow between fire & air
arrow between earth & water


  • Gemini
  • Libra
  • Aquarius


  • Cancer
  • Scorpio
  • Pisces


Fire signs are most compatible with Air signs, where as Earth signs are most compatible with the Water signs.

Unfortunately finding love is not as simple as being categorised into one of the above boxes. Sometimes you may just find yourself crossing the traditional lines of attraction to find your chosen partner. Work through the questionnaire to find the star sign that truly matches, you may be surprised with the answer that awaits you. With this in mind take a look at each of the elements and their star signs to give you a better idea on what lays in store for you and your choice of romantic partner.


Fire Signs

Fire signs are the most vivacious characters in the zodiac, and are incredibly motivated by excitement, insight and intuition. Fire signs are very radiant and project a vitalising energy of warmth to go along with their great self confidence, honesty and openness. Fire signs like to live up to their element by being quite fiery and spontaneous and can often be spotted in the midst of a crowd of admirers basking in their attention. Which one of the fire signs will get you all hot under the collar?


Earth Signs

Like their element these signs are very down to earth and love to be outside. They are very practical and realistic and will go for the quality over price. The way to an earth sign heart is their love of culinary delights they will never cut corners on food and may often be very knowledgeable in the kitchen. Earth signs often make successful business people as they are very practical and methodical hard workers. Are you looking for that financially secure and lasting partner? Then maybe an earth sign is for you.


Air Signs

Air signs are the most independent of the elements, and often you’ll find you will need their friendship as a starting block before love can start to blossom. You will have to work harder to achieve that spark of romance with an air sign as you must appeal to their minds. Jokes and fascinating conversation may do the trick although poetry may also work with some Librans. They favour dreams, thoughts and planning rather than the practical side of things, but they always have a fresh idea awaiting any new challenge. Are you their new challenge?


Water Signs

Water signs are very romantic, sentimental and very affectionate, and are always one step ahead when it comes to your thoughts and needs. Water signs often use their emotions rather than their brain to judge and understand happenings in everyday life, but do beware, falling for a water sign causes you both to merge together to become a whole new being. With a little bit of trustworthiness you could create a lasting recipe for love. As once you have a water sign in your life you will find them very nurturing to the people closest to them. Does water flow through your blood? Then a water sign may be your soul mate.


Answer the following questions as honestly as possible, and then total up your answers from below to find out which element entices you.

1. What is your essential quality for your soul mate?

a) Assertiveness
b) Stability
c) Humour
d) Compassion

2. Where would you go for a perfect first date?

a) A candlelit mean for two
b) A moonlit walk by the river
c) Cinema
d) An outdoor activity

3. What do you like to talk about most?

a) Music
b) Anything as long as it is about me!
c) Food
d) TV

4. If you had a big money win what is the first thing you do?

a) Throw a huge party to let everyone know
b) You cannot decide, so you go crazy with it
c) Split your winnings between yourself and your chosen charity
d) Look into investing some of the money

5. Your thinking of booking a weekend away, what sort of break would suit you best?

a) A shopping packed weekend in the hustle and bustle of London
b) Anywhere that's warm
c) A cosy hotel with all amenities at hand
d) Spa retreat

6. How do you approach tasks to be completed?

a) I'm very precise but not the quickest at getting it done
b) I get bored easily so I have to keep my brain active
c) Intuitive thinking to help handle situations effectively
d) I like things to be done exactly my way

7. What reason would lead your relationship to a dead end?

a) Dishonesty
b) Ccommunication or lack of it
c) Disinterested
d) Being taken for granted

8. An accident happens in front of you, what’s the first thing you do?

a) Help to round up victim's belongings
b) Clear back the crowds
c) Phone emergency services
d) Start administrating first aid

9. Which animal would best represent you as a person?

a) A love bird, free to fly
b) A tiger, a big cuddly cat with a wild side
c) A dolphin, with an ocean awaiting
d) A dog, forever faithul and reliable

10. What does your fashion sense say about you?

a) Head turning sex appeal
b) Timeless quality
c) True trend setter
d) A unique style of my own

11. Are you financially independent or does money burn a hole in your pocket?

a) I save up for little luxuries
b) As soon as I get money I spend it
c) Rainy day saver with the occasional treat
d) Save, save, save

12. You’re having a housewarming party what would be the best gift for you to receive?

a) Something bold and unique
b) A vintage antique
c) A piece of artwork
d) A unique mirror

13. What romantic gesture would get your heart fluttering?

a) Balloons saying "I Love You"
b) A singing telegram
c) A big bouquet of flowers
d) Expensive lingerie and chocolates

14. What is the key to a lasting relationship?

a) Selflessness
b) Truthfulness
c) Common interests
d) Dedication

15. What gets your heart skipping a beat?

a) Passionate kisses
b) Receiving love letters, emails
c) Being embraced whilst walking
d) Holding hands in public places

16. What mode of transport do you opt for on a daily basis?

a) Walking in the great outdoors
b) My car
c) Public transport mixing with all the people
d) Keeping fit on my bicycle

17. Which one of these is your perfect night in together?

a) Sharing culinary delights
b) Soul searching conversations
c) Fun, games and laughter
d) Cuddling up by a log fire

18. How do you enter a crowded room?

a) Like I'm walking down a catwalk and all eyes are on me
b) Blending into the background as much as I can
c) Cautiously, I don't like to make a fuss
d) Talking to everyone I make eye contact with

19. What would your dream wedding day look like?

a) Classy and minimal
b) Just the two of us away somewhere
c) A high class event with no cost spared
d) Just close family and friends only

How do you think you scored?

Calculate your scores up to find your most compatible element.


1. a-1 b-2 c-3 d-4
2. a-2 b-4 c-3 d-1
3. a-4 b-1 d-2 c-3
4. a-1 b-3 c-4 d-2
5. a-3 b-4 c-2 d-1
6. a-2 b-2 c-4 d-1
7. a-4 b-1 c-3 d-2
8. a-2 b-1 c-3 d-4
9. a-3 b-2 c-4 d-1
10. a-1 b-2 c-3 d-4
11. a-2 b-3 c-4 d-1
12. a-1 b-2 c-4 d-3
13. a-3 b-1 c-2 d-4
14. a-4 b-2 c-3 d-1
15. a-1 b-3 c-2 d-4
16. a-2 b-1 c-4 d-3
17. a-2 b-3 c-4 d-1
18. a-1 b-2 c-4 d-3
19. a-2 b-3 c-1 d-4

1-20 is the fire element
21-40 is the earth element
41-60 is the air element
61-80 is the water element

Once you have calculated your score, go to the element which scored the highest.



Irresistible Aries with their fiery, expressive enthusiasm and competitive streak makes for an exciting ride. Be prepared to pick up the pieces, and tidy up after the whirlwind that precedes. There’s no Grey area’s for Aries as they know best, but you’ll always have honest and straight to the point answers.

Aries are warm and passionate and are extremely friendly. With their boldness and enticing independence makes Aries the life and soul of a party and extremely irresistible to the opposite sex. Their child like approach to life offers no routine to romance but breaks down the defences of a person’s heart with their impulsive and exciting ways. An Aries heart is easily caught but it take’s that special someone to truly captivate your heart and your mind.

Aries stars - Aretha Franklin, Matthew Broderick



Flamboyant Leo with their fiery spirit and charm flourish when placed on a pedestal by their lover’s. They crave the spotlight to enhance their ego’s, but if ignored may retreat into a sullen temper, which restrains their over exuberance. They are very hard working, loyal and organised whilst still maintaining their vivacious and fun side.

Leo with their child like capacity for fun and games ignites the flirtatious side of a relationship making that special someone feel like there on top of the world! With their unique skills both in and outside of the bedroom, these Leo’s are great fun to be to be around. Do be careful, as these big cats are not easily committed as they are constantly in search of that first initial spark in a relationship. But do remember, small amounts of affection go along way with this big noble cat.

Leo stars - Sandra Bullock, Ben Affleck



Sagittarians with their positive optimistic view on life very rarely let life’s up’s and down’s knock their spirits, this is down to their abundance of exhilarating, self-motivated focus, on their goals in life. This vibrant star sign believes more in making your paths rather than simply choosing a pathway to follow. A Sagittarian’s adventurous lust for travel could make for some exotics destinations, do be careful when attempting to rein in this confident one’s freedom as Sagittarians hate to feel trapped and can often get quite bored with everyday routine.

This sexy show off with the irresistible smile will help to create confidence within a lover to mix up unforgettable ways of loving. Sagittarians are full of passion and sincerity, and with their straight forward talking, you know exactly where you stand with them.

Just like the archer of this star sign half animal, who craves the need of freedom and to have their instinctual desires fulfilled and half human who assists in keeping them grounded and their animal instincts under control.

Sagittarius stars - Britney Spears, Steven Spielberg



Loyalty, patience and dependability are just a few of the key factors that make Taurus one of the most reliable star signs. They love to lead a comfortable life with their expensive luxuries and loved ones surrounding them, but beware they do not warm nicely to change! You will find more often than not, that a Taurus loves to put their creative stamp onto most things they do. A pathway of culinary delights will be sure to lead you straight to a Taurus heart!

Taurus contributes a great deal of emotional depth into a relationship with their warmth and sensuality, but do require a strong need for security and the need to feel settled. They understand physical adoration and pleasure which makes them very touchy feely with their way of expressing their feelings, but do also require the same given back to them. Be very careful not to betray a Taurus heart as a ferocious temper lays in wait.

You radiate a sensual and sentimental air of magic that makes the Taurus a magnet to the opposite sex!

Taurus stars - Renee Zellweger, David Beckham



Virgo’s are very conscientious, meticulous and extremely well organised as they like to pride themselves on their efficiency and dedication, but do not take offence to their constant need to re-do the jobs done for them, as their constant search for perfection can sometimes border on obsessive. This star sign comes across to people as quite shy and insecure but hidden away under that cool exterior is a fiery passion that only your true partner can ignite.

It sometimes take’s cautious Virgo’s longer to find their perfect match as they are prone to over analyze their choices, but once you have your perfect match Virgo show’s no restriction to the generous, caring acts and surprise gestures and gifts. Do beware as Virgo operates a high standard of right and wrong and refuses to be treated like someone’s doormat!

Be prepared for the unleashed Virgo loving that makes your brain buzz and your toes tingle!

Virgo stars - Beyonce Knowles, Keanu Reeves



Compassionate, warm hearted and one of the most stable and mostly serious signs of the zodiac. This prudent and disciplined introvert can often focus more on work and problems than on the finer things in life i.e fun. Capricorns are very traditional and are often quite mature for their ages, and often enough this gets captured in their love for antiques and bargains.

This self sufficient lover has a centre of lasting passion buried deep under layers of fear, distrust and uncertainty that for the right partner may take some digging to be found. Capricorns make delightful, intriguing lovers who have an unwavering faith in themselves, which spreads on love ones surrounding them. When in a relationship the typical Capricorn tends to enrol in more of a parenting role then a lover’s role and thrives off the thought of being needed. Capricorns are renowned for not rushing into commitment, as with a typical Capricorn when they marry, they marry for life!

Capricorn stars - Kate Moss, Anthony Hopkins



This mysterious star sign can have you walking on egg shells regarding their mood swings, patient one minute, then cranky and irritable the next. This might have something to do with their feel first, think later attitude to things, which can leave them reacting emotionally quite rapidly to the situation. Cancerians are very much like the crab of their star sign, hard on the outside and soft on the inside to help prevent them from getting hurt. Family orientated Cancer signs are very sensitive and thrive on the exchange of feelings but prefers to get to know someone really well before exposing his feelings.

When a Cancerian falls in love, they fall hook, line and sinker. With the perfect partner you can transform your fantasies into thrilling reality as you like nothing more than to Indulge and pamper your loved one and enfold them in a blanket of devotion. As underneath that polished shell of yours lays a lot of hidden insecurities that only the most devoted and sincerest of lovers can banish.

But the devotion, comfort and attention makes those crabby moments worth while.

Cancer stars - Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise



Mystery, magic and sensuality are the key aspects of this star sign and will take you into unexplored territories. With feelings running deep under the surface, Scorpio’s keep their emotions hidden away and there is always a secret hidden in the back of their closets. They can be determined and strong willed, almost to the point of being stubborn. With their passion and commitment Scorpio’s are a force to be reckoned with.

Scorpions match their powerful purpose for life with their sexual intensity which is a big appetite to satisfy and must be the dominator in the relationship. Your air of mystery and your sensitivity make you irresistible to the opposite sex, but with love it’s a case of ‘it’s all or nothing’ as you do prefer to have a lifelong partner who is willing to spend a dark night attending to all your sexual needs. Scorpions like to take the occasional gamble when it comes to love using the philosophy ‘you’ll never know unless you try’; when the gamble has fallen in your favour it adds extra fuel to that sizzling spark in your relationship. But do beware Scorpion’s do not have it in their nature to forgive easily and more often than not seek revenge to ease their bruised hearts.

Scorpio stars - Julia Roberts, Wayne Rooney



Pisces are compassionate, thoughtful, adoring and even with their uncertainty about commitment, make an outstanding lifelong partner. Very independent when it comes to worry’s and woe’s choosing to contain your anxieties rather than burden anyone else with the hurt and worry. They love to play the role of a hero/heroine who saves the day as they feel most comfortable when needed by others. They are unselfish, devoted and generous, always sacrificing themselves for others. This star sign does need to be careful though as they can often be influenced by good and bad, common sense and level-headedness can often escape them.

When a Piscean is in love they like the whole world to know and often surface feelings people never knew they had. They like partners who share their visions of a perfect world and who will help bring all those Piscean fantasies to life. Once this star sign has found their perfect match you will find they will merge together to create a whole new being as a whole unit.

Pisces stars - Cindy Crawford, Jon Bon Jovi



With Gemini’s it’s all about the fun and the games what with their clear-headed and responsiveness you’re sure to be kept on your toes, as this hyper star sign can send waves of excitement through everything they do. They are very independent people who strive for freedom and any signs of rules will have them running in the opposite direction. Gemini’s often make the error of judging people at face value which can sometimes lead to the wrong path be chosen. Living for the moment is the motto taken up by this bold, comical and curious flirt, to whom you can trace by the long trail of broken hearts behind them.

The Gemini’s heart is constantly falling in and out of love; they love the thrill they get from the chase, the bigger the challenge the better. But once they have captured their love they soon get bored and go on to seek pastures new unless you give them the constant stimulation they need. When it comes to love it is the Gemini’s brain that is the most active, contrary to popular belief, as they like to keep the fantasies alive with their charm and boldness inventing new ways of keeping that spark ignited.

Gemini stars - Angelina Jolie, Tom Jones



Libra’s have the charm factor that makes them truly likeable, and are capable of making anyone feel special. Libra’s are very indecisive and often need a push in the right direction and some gently encouragement. Exquisiteness, honesty and tranquillity are all key attributes of the Libran lover. A seeker in harmonic ways the Libran very rarely loses their temper whilst still keeping in touch with their fun, flirtatious ways. All of these attributes create a sought after, unforgettable lover.

A sentimental and sensational lover that could not face a life without passion and love, is seeking their perfect other half to help balance out their scales. You prefer to be part of a relationship rather than on your own, when you work as a couple you feel like you could conquer the world. Once in a relationship you work very hard to keep that spark ignited, and you are very sentimental when it comes to your lover and remember everything about your encounters together.

Libra stars - Catherine Zeta Jones, Bruce Springsteen



Aquarius is best known for their unique individuality that makes them stand out from the crowd. Aquarians always have a large social network surrounding them due to their natural ability to draw friends to themselves. They need plenty of space and freedom to fully develop to the best of their capabilities, and can turn the most tedious routine and put an unusual twist and a breath of fresh air into transforming it into something fantastic. Creative and impulsive attributes but favour dreaming up ideas rather than putting them into practice. Aquarians are slow to judge which helps them when it comes to listening to friend’s worries and problems. An Aquarian friend is a true and loyal friend for life.

The key to a lasting relationship with an Aquarius is friendship and freedom as their biggest fear is of losing their independence, so be prepared to work at this relationship. Aquarius are fantastic at coping with people’s problems but recoil away from their own, they see expressing emotion as a sign of weakness. Although this star sign is not prone to romantic gestures they will keep you on your toes with their creativity and spontaneity. Aquarius do not seek love, love seeks them!

Aquarius stars - Jennifer Aniston, John Travolta

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