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Zodiacal Angels

Archangels of the Directions and Elements

The four Archangels who represent directions and elements are:

Raphael Air, Archangel of the East
Michael Fire, Archangel of the South. (Some traditions associate Michael with the Angel of the Burning Bush.)
Gabriel Water, Archangel of the West
Auriel Earth, Archangel of the North

Zodiacal Archangels

Saraquael- Archangel for the sign of
Aries 21st March - 20th April

Those who are born in this month, you have the light of fiery energy, he advises you to let go if old ideas and bring in new insights and creative concepts and inspiration. Be a visionary, open up and allow your wisdom and knowledge to flow into positive thought. Be clear about your goals and the creative powers and the divine will help you. Call on this angel to give you clear guidance, manifest your goals.

Ashmodiel- Archangel for the sign of
Taurus 21st April- 20th May

She is the generosity and lives with nature, unfold her wings, be open to the valleys the river, the lakes, the countryside. She can be gentle when you are feeling low give yourself permission to heal. Tune into your physical body and be open to reality. This angel is a builder and will help you carry through your plans, giving you complete conviction so that you can achieve your goals, work with your creator.

Ambriel- Archangel of the sign of
Gemini 21st May- 20th June

Ambriel has a light energy, he moves quickly in all directions like the breeze through the clouds dipping above and beyond the trees. He is of the air, he can move easily from one world to the next. Seek him, invite him to solve all your problems and create all your dreams into your reality. He will bring you messages from the divine, he asks you to work with truth and to be committed to the truth, when you work with him you will be able to communicate with words through music, poetry, painting and movement. Allow your gifts to become the whole of you.

Cael- Archangel of the sign of
Cancer 21st June- 21st July

She is a wise teacher, the angel of nurturing energies. Her flow is bold less, loving, deep and caring. Her element is water. She connects you easily to the third world; she brings abundance into your life, your home and family. She is light on the earth creating a shimmer of silver moonlight and beauty wherever she goes. Her presence is often felt in time of need for those she descends on. Ask for her assistance when you are overwhelmed with domestic situations. She will give you the healing required.

Zerachiel- Archangel for the sign of
Leo 22nd July- 21st August

King of all kings, shining ruler in a golden chariot, his element is fire and he works with seraphim, his energy is focused. He brings great enthusiasm and vitality and illuminates pure power and will. To know him you must be prepared to give up the ego and be generous and warm, open to his glory and step into his world, so that he can become a part of your world. When you work with zerachiel you can discover abundance, unlimited love and as long as you are open and positive you will keep receiving all of his generosity and help.

Vael- Archangel for the sign of
Virgo 22nd August- 21st September

Vael is both the mysterious angel of the earth and of nature's spirit. She is down to earth to bring in balance, duty and organisation. Her feet move softly along the paths to evoke you into new projects. Call upon her to help you in your light worker of healing. She is the one who is truly there for all healers, nutrionist and therapist. She is an autumn angel and will help you to look after nature. Appreciate the ripe fruits and corn that can be given to you at any time.

Zuriel- Archangel for the sign of
Libra 22nd September- 22nd October

This angel is connected to the second world of air, he is about truth and wisdom. He brings about him balance of day and night, of life and death. He understands both sides of positive and negative, He heals all hearts and soul and mind. His energy is calm and comforting. He is like the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the sky. Call on him when you need to seek the truth when you are out of focus, he will bring you law and order. See with loving eyes and tap into your perfection of one creation you will gain direct knowledge of the divine laws which govern our lives.

Baruel- Archangel of the sign of
Scorpio 23rd October- 21st November

This angel works in the world of water, she helps you to explore the depths of your consciousness, and her energy is like a purple spiral of golden light. She brings in transformation, new beginnings and rebirth of the psychic and the soul. She is mysterious and moves silently and secretly removing all veils to secrets. Call on her when you need an answer to a dilemma. She asks you to take up your power and tap into your psychic ability and invoke the divine into your daily life.

Achnachiel - Archangels for the sign of
Sagittarius 22nd November- 20th December

The Achnachiel of fire and distant lands, he brings you wisdom of a different kind, seek him introduce him, communicate in ways that stretch your imagination and help you to follow your path. You are being summoned to give advice to those who need you. Being born in this month foretells that you have the gift of prophecy and that you can teach others to find themselves. Divine wisdom, freedom and generosity of spirit are the gifts of Achnachiel.

Orphiel- Archangel for the sign of
Capricorn 21st December- 19th January

The fourth world of manifestation is the angel Orphiel. She helps to create order and structure, energies of earth coupled with will and strength. Prudent is the key use worldly powers for heavenly purpose, be true to yourself work with discipline to achieve your aims, understand your goals and share your success with others. Orphiel asks you to be in touch with your heart and soften your judgement when times you find hard. Understand that your lifes lessons are to become whole and in control of your life path and purpose.

Canbiel- Archangel for the sign of
Aquarius 20th January- 18th February

When you are called to work with Canbiel of air, he asks you to be still and silent and to meditate on your goals, your destiny. Canbiel tells you that the divine powers is the key to freedom and all that is equal to man. Know that you can have everything on earth and the creator will assist you as long as you ask for the doors to be open so that you can see the light. Responsibility is yours to take on and not to give away to others to overpower you when you feel closed in. You will be a true seeker and guided by values that do not impose or limit you in any way.

Barakiel- Archangel for the sign of
Pisces 19th February- 20th March

This angel brings wisdom from the ocean to the deep blue seas. Ruler of water and feels your emotions in a time of need. She shimmers like a mermaid and brings wisdom, ancient knowledge that is your birth right, employs you to use your timeless gifts upon this earth to help yourself and others in bringing love and peace to all mankind. She tells you the values of unconditional love and a deep heart is your birth right. When you are feeling out of sync and troubled embrace this angel into your dreams and sleep state at night, so that she can guide you to a deeper understanding of your emotions.

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