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Carole - London
Didn't believe what was said but most of it has come true.

Maureen - Leeds
Sam has been doing my readings for the past 17 years. I will always have a reading from Samantha Hamilton as she is straight to the point and spot on.

Sue - Leeds
I cannot believe how much she knew about my life - great care and honesty was given. Thank you Samantha Hamilton.

Tracey - Spain
Will come back to see Samantha Hamilton when I can as she always surprises me about my future. Seeing is believing, she have helped me find direction in all my confusion.

Shelia - Leeds
Sam was so accurate about my love life and the direction I was seeking, I go to see Samantha every year before making major decisions.

Press Articles

You can read more on Sam's past readings and predictions in her press articles.

about sam

Who Is She?

Samantha Hamilton of Caribbean heritage is a remarkable intuitive energy reader, psychic clairvoyant, medium, past life holistic life coach & color therapist; She is able to give you names and locations to those that are linked to you and your life. With her gift she is more than able to coach you in the right direction, helping you to clear past and present life obstacles or those important matters that you feel you need to address. Having an in-depth reading with Samantha will open you up to a new dimension of understanding and give you deep insights into clearing those matters that you need the answers to. Each consultation will leave you feeling uplifted, lighter and more positive.

How long has she had this gift?

She has been sensing energy since the age of 17 and is a natural Healer. She is well known for her remarkable accuracy and sometimes contentious predictions. She has studied intuitive astrology.

Where has she been?

Samantha starred in the TV program hosted by Philip Schofield called predictions. Samantha has made many predictions, Madonna ‘s change of lifestyle and a new love, Posh And Beck moving to America, Prince Charles and Camilla Bowles marriage was also foretold by Samantha and many more predictions. Whilst everyone believed we would change to Euro Currency Samantha Predicted this wouldn’t’t happen for Britain.

She featured in a second programme again hosted by Philip Schofield and also Kirsty Young. This time she was given her own slot on the show. She astonished a family with accurate predictions about their future. This programme further enhanced her reputation as one of Britain's top intuitive readers as a media Psychic.

Samantha appears regularly in the following national magazines Spirit & Destiny, Soul & Spirit, Fate & Fortune, High Spirit and runs a healing centre and intuitive seminars.

She offers you healing, joy and insights into your life and helps and assists you to develop your own intuitive life style, which will bring you more fulfillment, more meaning and happiness into each day. Samantha works with cosmic and universal energy and brings you unique insights into your current life situation through the energies that are surrounding you now and the gifts that you have brought to life. She is able to unlock the door of great potential for you to heal the gaps of unfulfilled desire; emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically bringing a relationship between you and your natural well being.

Samantha believes she is highly sensitive and is able to understand your past and present situations by tuning in to the colour in their aura and thus bring a solution which is personally appropriate for you. As a master healer she will treat a range of problematic life style and health issues including depression, allergies, high blood pressure, and menstrual problems.

Samantha might also advise on the use of colour in outfit, and furnishings, and teach clients how to perform visualisations with colour and performs distant healing.

Experience includes:

  • Currently running a psychic school
  • Harrods of London, Urban Retreat
  • Appeared on Several Radio Stations
  • Appeared on Several TV programmes
  • Psychic Consultant to the Celebrities
  • Presenter for Psychic & Soul TV
  • Freelance Psychic & Life Coach for High Spirit, Spirit & Destiny
  • Fate & Fortune, Soul & Spirit
  • Psychic Consultant for Harrods of London

Sam is available for personal readings - contact her now.

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