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A new range of workshops starting soon.

Raw rocks & precious metals. Silver and gold jewellery, handcrafted with natural gemstones. Earthy jewellery for lovers of the natural planet.

Psychic Connections

Psychic Connections is also about furthering your psychic awareness.

Whether it be by attending any of our workshops, or by obtaining a psychic reading from Samantha, or by discovering what your future holds with Samantha's Tarot Readings, or by answering the questions you have about your dreams at Psychic Connections, your adventure is only just beginning.

Why not read through our psychic how to and establish where to start your psychic adventure?

Clough Art

Meditational and Therapeutic images for the Mind Body and Spirit.

Click here for some truly amazing artwork by Alan Clough.

Angel Readings

Welcome to Psychic Connections - The Metta Centre

Psychic Connections with Samantha Hamilton & Anastacia Psychics

Live Psychic Readings - Telephone 07801 567 846

Find out why so many people return for a reading with Samantha Hamilton...


Treat yourself

Samantha will be available daily for One to One Readings - Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 23:00

Please call 07801 567846 for advance bookings, to avoid disappointment. Group bookings welcome.

Holistic Treatments, Reiki Treatments, Crystal Healings, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Hopi Ear Candling also available

Upcoming Events with Samantha Hamilton

Throughout the year Samantha will be touring around the UK showing all that the the afterlife truly exists! To see news of her upcoming events keep an eye on:

Find me at Best Psychic Directory:            Best Psychic Directory

About Samantha

Born in the North of England Samantha has risen from a working class background, and now lives near Boston Lincolnshire. Samantha is blessed to work as a medium and, before taking a break to raise a family Samantha wrote for the Sunday Express. In the 1990s, she was one of the top UK psychics to appear on  ITV with Phillip schofield, staring in a show called predictions. In recent years she has appeared on Sky TV, and has been linked to Harrods as a medium, to the  rich and famous, and whilst keeping her feet firmly on the ground Samantha has continued to be of service to everyday people that deeply matter.
If you feel lost, confused, experiencing hard times, feeling lonely, need direction as well as hope, to be touched by a meaningful message from the afterlife, why not come along and see how Samantha works....  Her show promises to be healing, truthful and funny as well as welcoming. Samantha may have something to say to you that can help shape your life and link you to a loved one in spirit...... Samantha strongly believes our spirit lives on forever, that love and faith is the most powerful healer and is the  strongest link  to the afterlife. Samantha is like no other medium you will ever meet.
Samantha is also available for group and private bookings.


Psychic Taster readings by Emma King

Emma Kind at The Metta CentreSamantha Hamilton psychic celebrity to the stars & daughter Emma King are now offering Psychic Taster readings.

Emma King is a psychic seer, born with the psychic gift passed down from many generations. Discover your future, call for immediate answers, face to face readings or even one-to-one over the phone.

For indepth on past, present and future, questions answered.


Love & Relationships - Deep Insights into your Love Life

Love & RelationshipsWith Samantha's psychic insights and clairvoyant gift she doesn't need to be in the same place as you to give you a psychic reading. Phone readings offer a great deal more flexibility.

Samantha Hamilton uses her psychic ability for Phone Readings working on the voice vibration. It's important for Samantha to hear your voice, this way she will tune in to your current situation.

I can help you with making important decisions and changes with your life style. I am able to guide you through difficult times with my natural Psychic sense of the past, present and future.

Working with her angels and guides and natural gifts Samantha will put down a spread of 21 cards for you of specific Love Cards to interpret. The love cards will give instant insight of what is currently flowing through your life.


The Authentic Woman in You

Make UpAre you at a stage in your life where you wish to make personal or career changes?

By introducing changes to the colours you wear in your makeup this can create a more positive you and help you to build and take action.

As a life coach, colour therapist and crystal healer, Samantha can give you deep insights on your past, present and future when you choose three colours personal to you.

For more information, see the The Authentic Woman in You page.

Your Soul Mate/Psychic Coach

Soul MateThis is a great opportunity for Samantha to coach you over the phone using her gifts as a psychic life coach to tune into your personal life and career. For those questions which need answers on work, family related issues.

She will take your birth details, tune into your year ahead and using her crystal ball as a unique way to give accurate information on your present situation.

Along side the 32 card spread which allows her to see for those who are single or in a relationship a soul mate reading is a powerful way to navigate you in the right direction.

Receive a free astrological birth chart when recommending a friend

Feng Shui Your Life

Feng ShuiA Feng Shui report covers aspects to your personal growth, self image, success, relationships, health, recognition, material success and family.

  • Do you wish to sell your home?
  • Are you feeling tired and fatigued?
  • Do you find it hard to make decisions?
  • Are you wanting a soul mate relationship?

If you have concerns about your health, relationship, or financial worries, or feel stagnant or stuck a Feng Shui consultation can help you.

Feng ShuiA full in-depth report is given simply by providing house plans, time & date of birth. Let Samantha guide you on how to enhance those important areas of your life for a lasting relationship, recognition in your career and empowering health and wellbeing. 7-9 page report. Full In-depth Information on how to cure and heal all areas of your life for happiness and well being.

Feng Shui Birth Charts

Samantha can offer children's specific birth charts:

  • A perfect gift to parenting and pregnancy titles
  • A child's personal birth chart will provide a forecast of their life, characteristics, emotional needs, perception and relationships etc.
  • The chart will be emailed to you as a follow up.

For more details see the Feng Shui page »

Runes, Sand & Crystal Reading - combined with Psychic Cards

Rune ReadingsReceive the first 10 minutes free.

1 hour 5 minutes total length of reading.

Runes & CrystalsThe runes and sand reading give powerful answers to your questions.

This technique is centuries old and gives accurate information, so to find out the truth behind a long standing problem, call on the oracle of the sand and the indepths of the runes.

The crystals are drawn out for you; these crystals are natural and have healing powers. There is no mistake here for their remarkable vibrational information that is formed in the colours you choose for your reading on the past present and future.

Angel Reading - combined with Numerology & Mediumship

Date of birth required.

Receive the first 10 minutes free.

1 hour 5 minutes total length of reading.

The angels are truly magnificent. They carry blessings and messages of love to all who wish to hear.

Angel ReadingsAre you ready for an amazing experience to explore changes in your life? - by calling upon your guides, the angles will hear you.

Samantha works with angelic energy every day of her living life. She believes we all have angelic beings that protect and guide us through those times of loneliness, happiness and wellbeing. She uses three oracle spreads of 62 cards to give you answers and information that can change your destiny for the better providing you remain open and unskeptical.

Allow the angels to do their work for you and step out of the way with negative thoughts and believe that you can have the power to manifest your desires for your highest good.


Let Samantha Hamilton give you true insight into your past present and destiny on those important issues concerning your love life, money and career.

She will give you an honest and accurate Psychic Reading using her natural gift to see what is around you now and predictions for the coming weeks and months.

As a born medium and clairvoyant, she will link you with your Spirit Guides and loved ones, with you and in Spirit.

In-depth readings by telephone available - corporate events catered for also, life coaching and TV.

Readings have no time limit.

The following is a list of services which Samantha can provide:

  • Samantha Hamilton's Horoscope predictions
  • Personalised birth charts
  • Love & Relationship
  • Discover your karmic past, present and future
  • Crystal horoscope personalized readings
  • Basic Reading
  • General reading
  • In-depth reading
  • Children's birth chart
  • Daily predictions
  • Compatibility and soul mates
  • Chinese horoscope
  • Mandala and reading
  • In-depth Feng Shui Report (on cd)

Click here for a list of current prices.

Workshops at the Metta Centre

Metta means loving kindness.

Kindness at its purest and strongest is a loving response to all of life with no strings, no conditions attached.

Your thoughts create your future. Your destiny is in your hands. Trust is everything - believe it and you can achieve it.

The Metta Centre is dedicated to providing a place of excellence to where people come to develop a fuller awareness of their psychic potential.

The Metta Centre is running a comprehensive series of workshops on all matters of life-style enhancement including:

  • Life Coaching
  • Astrological reading and Psychic reading
  • Relaxation and Meditation techniques
  • Positive and creative thinking
  • Releasing the Past
  • Exploring the Self and self-healing
  • Connecting and creating with your Spirit guides
  • Tarot workshops
  • Understanding the Chakra system
  • Feng Shui and Space Clearing
  • Automatic Writing
  • Reiki
  • Spirit Guides and Mediumship

Workshop dates, course details and costs can be found here.

The workshops are designed to bring you all the tools and skills required for you to explore and express your true self.

These workshops book up fast so don't miss out....
contact Samantha Hamilton now.

Psychic Connections at The Metta Centre is a focal point for other Teachers and Light Workers who will be using the centre throughout the year.

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